The Catholic community between the war years was very small and many Irish families were starving.

The Irish, Italian, and Polish came to west Wales to find work. Fr. Malachy Lync O.Carm realised the growing need for a Catholic Church, in Lampeter, the nearest being 60 miles away. Fr. Malachy O.Carm began fund raising, he asked the Church and schools in Ireland to assist, he also received generous donations from the local community. The Church was built at a difficult time between the wars 1939 -1940. Soon donations began to arrive and by appealing to the local community work began on the Church. The architect T.H. Scott from London began the work in 1949. Despite being built in poverty the Church is a beautiful example of what can be achieved through faith. Bibliography : Fr. Malachy Linc O.Carm

Attached is a picture when the Church was complete and the reader will see little has changed the high candles in the second photo represent the high altar ‘forma antiquior’.